Points and Fundraising

An Overview

Fundraising is a necessity for Catholic schools. While public schools are funded by local, state and federal tax dollars, parochial schools must be 100% privately funded. A top-quality education is expensive: the actual cost to educate one SHS student exceeds $8,000 per year. Clearly, tuition cannot be expected to cover the full cost. Therefore, Sacred Heart School runs a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, enabling us to continue providing the excellent education our families expect.

The purpose of our fundraising assessment points system is two-fold:

To increase participation in the school’s vital fundraising efforts by every family in a way that gives “credit where credit is due” to those who already participate actively; and

To provide families with opportunities to serve (i.e. give of themselves) rather than writing a check.

The concept is simple.

Each family must achieve 10 fundraising assessment points (FAPs) during the academic year. Three of the points are made by donating baskets valued at $50 each to each of the following events: Tricky Tray (one point per $50 basket), the Spring Auction (one point per $50 basket) and the Calendar Party (one point per $50 basket). The remaining seven points may be achieved by choosing from a variety of fundraisers and service opportunities (see below).

Here’s the math

3 mandatory FAPs + 7 additional FAPs of your choosing = 10 total FAPs

You may wonder why the mandatory events were selected. In short, they are the most profitable events SHS runs each year. Providing even bigger and better prizes for our guests at these events is a win-win situation. They go home happy; we work smarter, not harder, to raise the funds we need.

For every fundraising assessment point earned, you will receive a written voucher signed by the chairperson of the event or sale. This voucher will be sent to you by the school office.

Families declining to participate in the fundraising assessment points system are required to pay a fee of $500 by Feb. 1 of the school year in lieu of meeting the requirement.

Important note: No partial credit is given for families fulfilling some, but not all, of the fundraising assessment points requirements. If 10 points are not achieved by April 1 of the school year, the full $500 fundraising fee will be assessed.

Fundraising Point Assignments