Art Club

PrintSacred Heart School’s Art Club is open to students in Junior High.

Art Club is hands-on studio experience exploring a variety of mediums and styles. Students are introduced to painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, repurposed/recycled art and calligraphy. While working, we discuss various artists and their contributions to the art world.


Art Club Fees

Parents please be advised that starting for November, if the fee is not submitted on a timely manner, they will not be permitted to attend.

Please understand, that Ms. Klein and I purchase materials per student, so if we have 30 children paid and 40 come, we run short and it isn’t fair to the paid Art Club students.

All fees are due before the first class of each month.

Also there are some months that we have only 3 sessions per grade, and some we have 4 or 5.. with that being said, the fee stays the same since we still have to purchase materials.

Keep in mind , the fee is $25 for each month, which breaks down to $6 per session.

3rd and 4th grades will get an extra day before the month is up, since they lost their scheduled day on Oct 18th.