Art—Mrs. Ferrara


Remote Week Art Projects

Good evening…..I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
Your Art projects for this week have been uploaded and are waiting for you in my Google Classroom, as are my Google Meet codes and class times since we will be on a shortened schedule. I ask that you have any materials you need for class be available at class time as well as the handouts that you need to print out for class.

Grades 5-8 you will be finishing a project that we started in class the last time I saw you, you should have taken it home with you. I gave you a Jesse Tree to work on if/when you complete the other project. Please use the Google Meet code I sent you in my Google Classroom, it is the same one I gave you in class the last time I saw you .

Grades K-4 you need to print the sheets needed for this week’s Nativity project from my Google Classroom.  Please have both sheets ready at class time as well as crayons/markers and scissors.   There will not be a special Google Meet code for class, I will be going into your classrooms for class this week.

PreK-4: your teachers sent home an owl that we will be working on in Art class this week. Please have it ready at class time along with crayons and scissors.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Google Classroom/Google Meet

Good Afternoon…….as of this afternoon there are still a handful of students that have not joined my Google Classroom.  If you still have not joined, this my last attempt to get you to do so…….Google Classroom is the platform that your student will use to get the materials he/she will need for class those weeks we will be remote.  If your student does not join, and they do not have the materials needed for class, I will have to give them a “zero” for class that day.  Following is a recap by class:

4A  2 students

3B  1 student

3A  1 student

2B  2 students

1B  1 student

1A  5 students

K3  1 student

K2  1 student

K1  3 students



Below are the Art Google Meet codes needed for my Remote Class.  I will be speaking to the students in class this week and giving them my codes for class for those remote weeks.

3A    Ferrara 3A Art

3B    Ferrara 3B Art

4A    Ferrara 4A Art

5A    Ferrara 5A Art

5B    Ferrara 5B Art

6A    Ferrara 6A Art

6B    Ferrara 6B Art

7A    Ferrara 7A Art

7B    Ferrara 7B Art

8A    Ferrara 8A Art

8B    Ferrara 8B Art

Students will log on to Google,  Click on the Waffle in the top right corner, Click on Google Meet, Click on Join Class then when prompted enter the Google Meet code above to enter my class……it’s easy.

Students in Grades PK, K, 1 and 2…..I will be conducting my class from the students homeroom so there will be NO need for the students to have to sign into my class separately.

I hope everyone has a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving…….stay safe





 In response to Mrs. Durochers email, I am reposting my Google Classroom Codes below for the students that have NOT YET signed into my Google Classroom. EVERY student in EVERY grade needs to sign in to MY Google Classroom. This is where I will send the students the materials they will need for class during Remote Learning.

I will post the material for the upcoming week on Friday afternoons so you will have time to print out the material for the upcoming weeks class. You must have the material printed and ready for class. I cannot hold up a class for you to go to your printer and print out the material during class time. This is the same system I have been using since September with our Remote Learners and we have not had any problems. The material that will be posted is to be done IN CLASS during class time, NOT at home prior to class.

I have sent the students invitations thru their Sacred Heart emails to join class, all they have to do is hit accept and it is done. 

4A   5bzk6rv
3B   a7sehrh
3A   4cphfrn
2B   l3n5llx
2A   stabnij
1B   b7rvh66
1A   v6sim6h
K3   mstchwg
K2   tljyqfz
K1   qajltoz

All students in grades 5-8 are signed in and ready to go……thank you.

Since the majority of students in grades K1 and K3 have not signed in, your teachers have made me a co-teacher in their classes, you do not have to sign into my Google Classroom separately, however, I would suggest that you do.

Grades K, 1 and 2:  I will travel to your students homeroom for class, you will not need to sign into a separate Google Meet for Art Class.

Grades 3-8:  Students will have to sign into my Google Meet for class.  The code is on my Google Classroom home page, all you have to do is click on the code and you will automatically join.

Let me know if you have any questions

Mrs. Ferrara


Art Update

Good evening…… we have been very busy in Art class…..everyone is doing great work. With that said there are a few things that have come up lately that need to be addressed.

-It is really important that students in grades 1-8 have crayons, markers and colored pencils in their art boxes. We use different coloring tools for different projects and unfortunately we cannot share supplies. Some of the supplies you sent in in September have run out of ink or have disappeared. Students also need scissors and a glue stick. Students is grades 4-8 also need a thin Black Sharpie

-Students should have a separate folder for Art. Often we do not finish projects in 1 class period. Students should have a safe place to keep their projects until the next class. Some of the primary teachers have supplied their students with folders. If your student does not have one please send one in.


Please check my Google Classroom prior to your scheduled art time. I do my best to post handouts needed for class over the weekend for the upcoming week. We cannot hold up class for students to go print out what they need for class during class time…… It isn’t fair for the rest of the class to have to wait especially for those classes that are only 30 minutes. You should be ready for class with all of your supplies handy at class time.

Please do not work ahead. If I post a handout for an upcoming class it is to be done in class with me.

I have been having an issue with some students not keeping their cameras on during class or pointing them up to the ceiling so I can’t see them. Several times I call out their names and they don’t answer so I can only assume they are not there. This is mainly with the upper grades. I am going to ask that going forward grades 5-8, cameras be tilted down at their projects. This way I can see what they are working on, see whether or not they are present and are working at all and offer help with projects just as I have always done in class.

I also ask that if for any reason a student can’t hear the directions, are having any technical difficulties, or need me during class they need to communicate with me……. I am always in voice range. They need to speak out so I can help them. If they do not see me on camera I am helping another student or walking thru class. 

Enjoy the rest of your week…….

Google Classroom

Parents……today I was uploading worksheets for the younger grades on Google Classroom that we will be using in class this week and there are several Remote students that have not yet joined my Google Classroom. It is important that they join……this is my only way that I can give you the same handouts/worksheets that the in person students are working on in class. Not everything that we will be doing in class is in the Art folder you have.
It is important that ALL students, remote and in person, join my Google Classroom. If we have to go remote this is where you will find your materials needed for class.
The Google Classroom codes can be found on my webpage.

Remote Learning Students/Cameras

I require that ALL students have their cameras for the duration of my class. I have had several instances this week with students not having their cameras on during class, and not putting them on when asked to. I will remind the students 1 time to put their camera on, before marking them absent and giving them a zero for the day.

Art Google Classroom Codes

Below are my Google Classroom Codes for Art:

SH K1 ART              qajltoz

SH K2 ART              tljyqfz

SH K3 ART             mstcbwg

SH 1A ART              v6sim6h

SH 1B ART               b7rvh66

SH 2A ART               stabnij

SH 2B ART               l3n5llx

SH 3A ART               4cphfrn

SH 3B ART               a7sehrh

SH 4A ART               5bzk6rv

SH 5A ART                eagolan

SH 5B ART                iqxesra

SH 6A ART                trdwxw6

SH 6B ART                o4vtxw2

SH 7A ART                 gquqw2t

SH 7B ART                 x3q27ds

SH 8A ART                 drsy2lo

SH 8B ART                 wq2m3rl




Happy September

My friends I have missed you…… I hope everyone had a great summer…… a few reminders before we start our 2020-2021 journey……..

Please make sure you have all of your art supplies ready to go for our first art class. I ask that everyone also have a folder available for Art. I will not be able to collect any unfinished artwork so you need a safe place to keep your work until the next scheduled class.
I ask that all students in grades 4-8 have an ultra fine Sharpie in your art box……we will use them a lot in class
This year I will not be able to share my circle templates with you. I am going to ask you get a ziplock bag and save various sized bottle caps, jar lids or anything else you come across that you can trace when you need to.

Things will be a little bit different this year……I will go over everything with you when I see you for our first class, as well as give you the Art Google Classroom code that corresponds to your Art class.

My Remote/ Hybrid Learners……
I have put together a packet for you with the hard copies of the projects we will be working on in class, as well as some paper for your projects. The packet will be with your books.  Please use this paper ONLY for your art projects and please DO NOT work on anything in the folder unless I tell you. Unfinished projects will NOT be homework, all projects will be done during your scheduled class time.

See you soon……


Congratulations my friends…. you have officially completed your last Art Project for the year…… Cumulatively my students have done almost 3000 Art projects since remote learning began.  Your projects have been AMAZING…….you should be proud of the work you have done.  My hope is that these projects have brought some comfort during this crazy time.  Parents I thank you for all of your support, your well wishes and for those of you who sent me pictures of those little faces proudly holding up their projects….. you made my day.    I have missed all of the happy noise and chaos your children brought into my life.

There will be no more projects assigned…… some of you still owe me some work.  Please use this week to catch up and email me anything that you owe me……Friday 6/5 is the last day I will accept work.

Going forward…….. all students K-8 will need an art box for September.  For obvious reasons sharing art supplies just can’t happen.   I have asked the classroom teachers to add art supplies to their supply lists for next year.  My suggestion is that you get a plastic shoe box or large ziplock rectangular container for your art box ( both can be found at the dollar store), however since your Art boxes will be stored in your classrooms, your teacher will advise you what is best. Pencil cases and ziplock bags do NOT work. You will need crayons, markers, colored pencils, pencils,  erasers, glue sticks and scissors ……remember you cannot share your Art supplies, so you will be using whatever you have in your Art boxes.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe summer  XOXO❤️