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NYT Picture Prompts

NYT Picture Prompt – Giulia Russo

NYT Picture Prompt – Mary Mecheal

NYT Picture Prompt – Sofia Raso

NYT Picture Prompt – Reagan Pace

NYT Picture Prompts

NYT Picture Prompt – Adrianna Uykan

NYT Picture Prompt – Amanda Guanci

NYT Picture Prompt – Fatima Yaseen

NYT Picture Prompt – Lauren Bowling

Five People Essay_Shelby


The 3 People I might meet in Heaven-3


Three People I Will Meet In Heaven Essay- Colin Wiss


Five People You Meet in Heaven Adrianna


Welcome to the Writer’s Corner

Mrs. Canal and Ms. Klein are pleased to announce the launch of the SHS Student Writer’s Corner! Writing will be uploaded weekly for friends and family to read and enjoy. Please encourage your child to consider submitting work to the site. If interested, students should email Mrs. Canal or Ms. Klein a PDF file of their edited final draft.*

*All posts are uploaded at the discretion of Mrs. Canal and Ms. Klein and must be checked before the writing is considered for publication. Most writing posts will come from classwork/homework. However, students may submit independent work for consideration.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” – Richard Bach