K2—Ms. Kowalczyk


Reading: Animal Babies in Grasslands

Sight Words: we, my, like

Writing: Independent writing, Venn Diagrams

Math: Writing/counting numbers 11-20, Greater than/Less than/Equal to

Religion: Advent

Social Studies/Science: Habitats/Where animals live

Homework: IXL actvities linked on Google Classroom; Book-it! Challenge

  • November reading logs are due on Tuesday (12/1). Please take a picture of the completed calendars and send it to me on Tuesday. I will be issuing rewards on Tuesday!

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This week we begin virtual learning. Each morning we will begin our day at 8:15am and end our day at 11:50am. Please follow the schedule and information sent home to know what we will be doing each day. We will have special classes every day, except Friday when we will have Book and Tell. We will have multiple breaks throughout the day, along with snack time. IXL homework will be posted on Google Classroom every day at 12:00pm and will be due before the following morning. Once you complete the activities, click “Submit” on Google Classroom so that I know you are finished, and I can check the work on my IXL account.

In order to reduce background noise and let the children have an easier time hearing me, I strongly suggest wearing headphones while learning. Everything we are doing this week is the same as what we do every week, so the children will easily be able to follow along with me and work independently. This is new for all of us, so please bear with us! If we ever get disconnected, I will try to reset and get back on as soon as possible. We just have to get through this week and then we will be back together in person next Monday (12/7)!

If you have any questions at all, please contact me via Remind or Class Dojo.


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Reading: Thanksgiving Stories

Sight Words: Review

Writing/Letter Recognition: Thanksgiving writing

Math: Review

Religion: Advent, Thanksgiving blessings

Social Studies: Story of Thanksgiving

Homework: Review sheet, Book it! Challenge (Read for 20 minutes daily)

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  • Continue to practice the following skills at home: tying shoes, putting on/taking off coats, using a hanger for coats, putting on/taking off gloves/hats, blowing noses
  • Please send in Santa visit money by November 24th.
  • There will be NO book and tell this week.
  • Wednesday 11/25 we will dismiss at 11:50am. Aftercare will be open! The children will have their special snack provided by our class mothers. (Thanks class moms!)
  • Thursday 11/26 & Friday 11/27: School closed- Thanksgiving Recess
  • Monday 11/30 starts our first week of virtual learning!
    • We will return in person on Monday 12/7.
    • Tomorrow I will be sending home a packet of all work we will be doing. It should be easy for the children to follow along with me!
    • Attached to our packet of work is also our weekly schedule, a detailed info. letter, and a list of all work/assignments we will be doing.
    • Homework for our virtual week will be on IXL. Please be sure to sign in with the log in info sent home a few weeks ago and familiarize yourself with how it works!
    • I am suggesting (if possible) children wear headphones while we are learning virtually in order to minimize background distractions and help them focus on following along with what we are doing.
    • Children will need pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue for at home work.
    • Please contact me via Remind or Class Dojo with any and all questions! I am happy to assist!

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Have a happy, healthy, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving!


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Reading: “Nature Spy”

Sight words: and, but

Writing: Journals, Sentence building

Math: Number line counting, Ordinals (first-tenth), Number patterns

Religion: “God Wants Us All to be Friends”

Social Studies: A Heart Full of Thanks

Science: Leaf Rubbings; Studying the lines in leaves

Homework: Letter review sheets, Book it! Challenge (Read for 20 minutes daily)

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  • Continue to practice the following skills at home: tying shoes, putting on/taking off coats, using a hanger for coats, putting on/taking off gloves/hats, blowing noses
  • Please send in Santa visit money by November 24th.
  • I still have a few students who are not yet signed up for Google Classroom. Please be sure to sign up this week and sign into IXL as well to make sure everything works! I will be assigning homework on IXL the week we are going remote, so I want to make sure the kids can all get on with no issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to reach out via Remind or Class Dojo!


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Reading: “Flowers”

Sight words: have, is

Writing: Journaling, sentence building

Math: Counting and writing numbers 0-10

Religion: We Learn About God with our Friends

Social Studies: Veteran’s Day

Science: Temperature

Homework: Letter review sheets, Book it! Challenge (Read for 20 minutes daily)

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  • Remember to check the Thursday folder weekly!
  • Please practice the following skills at home: tying shoes, putting on/taking off jackets, hanging up jackets with a hanger, putting on/taking off gloves, blowing noses
  • If you happen to see disinfectant spray when you are out shopping and can grab one for our classroom, please send your child in with a can. I have plenty of wipes and cleaning supplies, but we are running low on aerosol disinfectant spray. We go through a lot spraying multiple times a day. Thanks so much!


Goodbye October, Hello November | Books Forget Me Knot

Reading: “Dig, Dig, Digging”

Sight Words: blue, go

Writing/Letter Recognition: Reviewing Aa-Zz; Sentence building and writing

Math: More, Fewer, Equal

Religion: God Helps Us to Discover, We Learn About God with our Families

Social Studies: Community Helpers

Science: Germs

Homework: Letter review sheets, Book-It! Challenge

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  • Check the Thursday Folder every week to be up to date with all that is going on at school.
  • Every Friday is “book and tell” unless otherwise noted.
  • Friday is a $1.00 tag day and 11:50am dismissal! Aftercare is open.
  • Turkey in disguise projects are due Friday!
    • These are the days of our lives...with Addison & Alexis!!!: Disguise the Turkey.....

Please practice the following skills at home: tying shoes, putting on/taking off jackets, hanging up jackets with a hanger, putting on/taking off gloves

Have a great week and Happy November!


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Reading: Halloween Themed Stories

Sight words: Review of all covered thus far (I, am, all, red, the, little, yes, no, a, to)

Math: Review of positional words/ Halloween Themed Activities

Religion: Saints/All Saint’s Day

Science: Pumpkin Investigation

Social Studies: How/ where do pumpkins grow?

Homework: Review worksheets, Book-It! challenge, Review letter sounds and sight words

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  • Tomorrow (10/26) progress reports go home. Please sign and return as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
  • Tomorrow (10/26) I am also sending home our next class project for the month of November. This is my personal favorite, “turkey in disguise” project. The goal of this fun project is to take our friend Tom the Turkey and disguise him, so that Farmer Brown cannot have him for his Thanksgiving dinner! Please do not just have your child simply color the turkey different colors! The goal is to be as creative as possible with your turkeys and really disguise them! Examples are below:
    • Turkey in Disguise | Turkey disguise, Turkey disguise project, Turkey  projectTurkey Disguise Ideas: School Project Inspiration
  • Wednesday (10/28) school is closed due to teachers’ professional day.
  • Friday (10/30) children may come to school wearing their Halloween costumes. Regular face masks must be worn with their costumes. There will be no Halloween parade (for safety reasons). Class assistants are providing goodies for the children and we will be having a special Halloween snack.
  • Friday night (10/30) is Trunk or Treat from 6-9pm! (See Thursday folder for info.)
  • October Book-It! Calendar logs are due Monday, November 2nd. Please send in your child’s completed log (if they read each day) and I will note it in their online accounts. Students who meet our class goal will be emailed their reward by Pizza Hut!
  • For those who haven’t done so yet, please remember to sign up for my Google Classroom. The link is: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTY0MjE4MjYyOTA1?cjc=jkfwren  This is precautionary! Also, be sure to sign up for Mrs. Ferrara’s art class with the code: tljyqfz

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October Calendar - Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

Reading: “Smash! Crash!”

Sight Words: to, a

Writing/Letter Recognition: Vv-Zz

Math: Positional Words continued (above/below, over/on/under, in front/behind, left/right, between)

Religion: God Made All People, God Made Us

Social Studies: Voting/ Election Day

Homework: Letter Writing/Recognition worksheets, Book it! Challenge, Review Sight words

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  • Check the Thursday Folder for Trunk or Treat information and other important information.
  • Every Friday is “Book and Tell” unless otherwise posted!
  • Individual school pictures will be held on Thursday (10/22). Children can wear either their winter uniform OR any dress clothes of their own.
  • You can still shop online at the virtual book fair!!
  • Tomorrow we begin wearing winter uniforms:

Girl’s Winter Uniform

Plaid jumper

White long or short sleeve Peter Pan blouse

Gray cardigan sweater with logo (optional)

Red or gray cotton knee socks

Black shoes

Boy’s Winter Uniform

Black trousers

Long or short sleeve dress white shirt

Black belt

REQUIRED-either the gray pullover sweater with logo or gray sweater vest with logo

Gray cardigan sweater with logo(optional)

Black or white cotton socks

Black shoes

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As always, feel free to contact me via Remind or Class Dojo with any questions!


Dates of Note for the Coming Month of October – Barrier Reef Medical Centre

Reading: “Miss Bindergarten takes a Field Trip”

Sight Words: yes, no

Writing/Letter Recognition: Rr-Uu

Math: Positional Words (above/below, over/on/under, in front/behind, left/right)

Religion: Church and the Church Year

Science: Leaf Investigation and “Sing a Song of Autumn” Reader

Homework: Letter Writing/Recognition worksheets, Book it! Challenge, Review Sight words

  • This week begins the Virtual Book Fair!
  • Check the Thursday Folder for important information.
  • Summer uniforms can be worn until October 19th. Mrs. Durocher extended it further due to the warmer weather.
  • Every Friday is “Book and Tell” unless otherwise posted!
  • K individual school pictures will ONLY be on October 22nd. (This year there is no group class pictures.)

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Reading: “Plaidypus Lost”

Sight Words: the, little

Writing/Letter Recognition: Mm-Qq

Math: Patterns

Religion: God gives us Land, God gives us Animals

Science: Fire safety

Social Studies: Learning about Firefighters

Homework: Worksheets in blue folder

Fire Prevention Week 2020 | Village of Bridgeview

  • Check the Thursday Folder each week for important information!
  • Please remember to sign up for school emails, Remind App, and Class Dojo.
  • Log into Google Classroom via your child’s email address that was sent home and join both my class and Mrs. Ferrara’s class
  • Book and Tell is every Friday! (Unless otherwise posted)
  • Friday, October 9th, the fire department is coming to visit to help us learn about fire safety!
  • Next Monday, October 12th, school will be closed for Columbus Day.
  • *A change to the calendar I made and sent home*: Oct. 22nd is our picture day! (There will be no group pictures this year.)


September news - University Child Development

Reading: “We Are So Proud”, Johnny Appleseed story and activities

Sight words: all, red

Writing/Letter Recognition: Letters Hh-Ll

Math: 2D and 3D shapes

Religion: God Gives Us Light, God Gives Us Water

Science: Parts of an apple

Social Studies: Where/how do apples grow?

We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day tomorrow! We will be learning all about apples, and doing many apple-themed activities.

Homework reminders:

  • Homework this week will continue to be in your child’s blue folder. We are still focusing a lot on handwriting. If you can practice even more at home, that would be wonderful! Practice makes perfect.
  • Ms. B (our student teacher) and I check homework each day to make small corrections and add stickers, smiley faces, or a big C for correct. Red/yellow pens or other various colors are not used to show that anyone is wrong. We just want to help them learn the right way to form the letters! From what I have seen so far, everyone is doing a great job. (Just go slow and take your time!)

Other reminders for the upcoming week(s):

  • “About Me” flags are due tomorrow!
  • This Friday (10/2) will be our first half day. Students will be dismissed at 11:50am.
  • We are still missing smocks/old T-shirts for some students, along with an extra change of clothes/ extra masks in case of emergencies. If you haven’t already, please send that in when you can!
  • Most parents are on Remind, but for those who are not yet, you can download the app onto your phone and sign up with this link: https://www.remind.com/join/mkowalczyk   I will post a lot of important information on Remind, so it is important that I have all families join. If anyone needs assistance joining, I can also send you a invitation to join via your cellphone number.
  • Continue to check the Thursday Folder every week for important information!
  • If your child is ever not feeling well, please keep them at home. Work will be put aside for them and they can make it up when they return.  There are a few children who are not wearing the mask properly because it is too big on them. The mask must cover their mouth and nose except when eating. Some of the children do not like wearing the mask and I understand that. For the safety of all, the mask must be worn and fit properly.

As always, you can always contact me via Remind or Class Dojo with questions!

Amazon.com: Johnny Appleseed (Little Birdie Books) (9781618103017): Suen, Anastasia, Myer, Ed: Books


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Reading- “The Little School Bus”

Sight Words- I, am

Writing/Letter Recognition- Letters Aa-Gg

Math- Sorting by shape, color, size

Religion- God made all Things, The Creation Story

Science- Transportation: land, water, air

Social Studies- Transportation: How do we get to school?

I hope everyone spent last week practicing their “Ready for Kindergarten” skills!

The students will have homework beginning this week. Homework will be given Monday-Thursday.

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  • Gym days are Monday and Wednesday.
  • Please send an extra mask, and please make sure your child’s mask fits properly (reinforce good mask wearing habits).
  • Be sure to send lunch and snack every day- please include napkins, utensils and water.
  • Our All About Me flags are due 9/28!

As always, feel free to contact me on Remind and Class Dojo with any questions!

*Please remember to send in all important forms needed on the Thursday folder, and to also sign up for my class on the Remind app!*


Kindergarten - Grade Levels - Stone Canyon Elementary

It was lovely to meet everyone on Thursday. I hope you and your children are just as ready for this year as I am! I know it is going to be a very different, but great experience for all of us!

This whole first week we will be focusing a lot on getting started on our daily Kindergarten routines (lining up, walking in the hallway, how way pray, raising our hands to speak, etc.). We will also focus a lot on getting to know one another. Some students know each other from previous years in Sacred Heart, but other students are new to the school, so we want to make sure we learn everyone’s names and some cool facts about one another. We will be reading some new and interesting Kindergarten themed stories to get us all in the swing of school and get the students in the habit of discussing and responding to text. Along with that we will also be doing some letter and number recognition, practicing writing our names, and counting.

Tomorrow morning your children will enter through the parking lot door and into my classroom, as they will every morning, and I will get started on showing them our morning routine. Please have your child bring with them:

  • Their book-bag
  • Blue folder
  • Emergency cards filled out (front and back)
  • Student info. sheet
  • Any other forms
    • Ex: textbook request, publicity release, Class Assistant form (if applicable), etc.
    • Also take a look at Nurse Sara’s blog for the Physical form, if needed
  • A lunchbox with a snack and lunch
  • Any supplies (supplies can be brought in during the week in small amounts)

*There will be no official “homework” this week. I will send home a “Ready for Kindergarten” bingo sheet tomorrow. Each night, practice some of the skills on there and try to make a “BINGO”! Nothing has to be handed in. It is all for at home practice with your child.*

Monday morning also starts Spring/Summer Uniforms which includes:


  • Black dress shorts with logo
  • Red short sleeve polo with logo
  • Black belt
  • Black or white cotton socks
  • Sneakers


  • Black dress shorts with logo
  • Red short sleeve polo with logo
  • Black belt
  • Black or white cotton socks
  • Sneakers


  • Black mesh shorts with logo
  • Red tee shirt with logo
  • White socks
  • Sneakers

Reminders for Pharmacy Professionals - Pharmacy Connection

  • Try to label all items with your child’s name (back pack, lunch box, art box, change of clothes, etc.)
  • Remember to check the Thursday folder every week
  • Sign up for the Remind and Class Dojo Apps if you haven’t already done so

For those doing remote learning, I am still waiting for your child’s email addresses to be made and sent to me. I cannot finish setting up my Google Classroom until I have those email addresses. In the mean time, using a parent’s gmail account, you can access our classroom webcame live via Google Meet. Please contact me for the link (I do not want to post it on my blog just to be safe.) This link will be the same every day.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all and having a wonderful year!


Kindergarten Supply List 2020-2021

Back-to-School FAQ | Hilliard City Schools

We are so excited to welcome our incoming Kindergarten class of 2021! Below is the Kindergarten supply list for the 2020-2021 school year.


  1. Book bag (labeled with name)
  2. Lunch box (labeled with name) *No metal lunchbox or metal water bottles*
  3. Art box (plastic container) labeled with your child’s name
    • Example-Pencil Box Plastic Case School Home Office Staples Space Maker Navy Blue | eBay
  4. Art supplies for art box:
    • Crayola Crayons
    • 10 Count Crayola Washable Markers
    • Erasers
    • Pack of glue sticks (no liquid glue)
    • Scissors
  5. An old t-shirt, apron, or smock for painting (labeled)
  6. A change of clothes in labeled bag (shirt, pants, underwear, socks)
  7. An extra mask in labeled ziplock bag
  8. Paper towels
  9. Antibacterial hand wipes
  10. Lysol/ any disinfectant wipes (Clorox, etc.)
  11. Lysol/ any disinfectant spray (Microban, etc.)
  12. Tissue boxes
  13. Hand sanitizer pumps
  14. Package of white copy paper (1 ream)

Please be sure that your child comes to school with a mask every day.

If possible, please send in more than one of each item of cleaning supplies.

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Enjoy the rest of your summer!