6B—Mrs. Alberti

Mrs. Alberti

Thank you!!

Thank you very much to my class and their parents  for your kind gift!  I am truly grateful for your generosity.

I’d also like to applaud and thank the class moms …… Mrs. Zdanowicz, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Vaz and Mrs. Naviello and Mrs. Munez.  Your time and effort supplied treats, food, parties and a final Ice Cream Delight for our class.

Finally, to my students, you are an exceptional class! I wish you all a wonderful, healthy & happy Summer!

See you in September!

May 14, 2021

Thank you to my students and parents of 6B for the beautiful flowers and gift card. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness on ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’!

Friday’s Tricky Tray

Just a reminder that Friday May 7th is a half day.  Sacred Heart’s walk-through tricky tray will be open from 12:30 pm – 7:00 pm.  Thank you all for your donations to our class basket of paper items!

Powerschool is updated weekly.  All assignments are posted on Google classroom.  If assignments are missing, there may be ‘0’ in powerschool for that assignment.

Please continue to review your child’s grades and feel free to contact me with any questions.



Tricky Tray Donations

This is a reminder that tricky tray donations are due.  The class of 6B has been asked to each bring in ONE paper good item to make our donation basket.

If you have not yet done so, please send in any of the following:

paper plates or cups

wrapping paper

paper towels


anything paper!

Thank you for helping Sacred Heart School!

Friday February 26th. 2021

Good morning,

I was asked to clarify the, the two Pizza lunches scheduled for next week.  The lunch on Wednesday March 3rd. is to benefit 8th grade and Thursday March 4th.  is a Home School Association lunch.  Please make these notations  (and for any future lunches), on your child’s envelopes when sending in their lunch money and include the date.

To: Office – HSA  Pizza Lunch  3/4/21


To: M Colavita – 8th Grade Pizza Lunch Wed 3/3/21

Next Friday, March 5th is the close of the 2nd. trimester.  Report cards are March 12th.  All grades have consistently been updated on Powerschool.  Students have been advised to check of any missing assignments.

Have a great weekend.



Thursday Folder

Please note the attached  request for volunteers.  Special Lunch Volunteers Needed!  

While in the office the other day, I overheard conversation to cancel one of the special luncheons, due to lack of volunteers to help , specifically on ‘Pasta Day’.  Please keep in mind, that these events are meant to benefit Sacred Heart School.    These events are a necessity, as tuition does not cover all expenses to educate one SHS student.

This now brings up another area of volunteering.  To date, our homeroom, 6B still does not have a class parent.  Parents form the 6A homeroom have been kind enough to include our students in special events, such as providing bagels for the students this past Friday.  The more help we have, the less effort on any individual’s part.  If there is one day or time that you would be available to help out at some point during the remainder of the school year, please let me know.

Thursday Folder

Parents, when sending in money for special lunch days or any events that your child is participating in, please address the OUTSIDE of your envelope to the chair person noted on the flyer. Whatever form that you are returning within the envelope should ask for your child’s information. The office does not keep track of which HSA person is responsible for the different events. This will ensure that the correct person receives your money.

Also, Powerschool has been updated for your information. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

November 23, 2020

Study for Chapter 4 test; sections 1 & 2

Use vocabulary and classroom notes and homework questions for study;

Social Studies textbooks can be brought home today

6B Social Studies & Science

Social Studies Test – Tuesday November 24th – Sections 1&2 Chapter 4

Science – start of chapter 2 Lesson 1 Cell theory

Check Google Classroom for homework assignments.






6B Social Studies & Science

Social Studies: Chapter Test ” Mesopotamia & the Fertile Crescent” scheduled for Wednesday November 11th.

Science – Start of new Lesson 5 “Animal Adaptations” – Friday November 6th.


6B Science Social Studies


Science Test – Tuesday November 3rd. Lesson 4 Animal Systems (postponed from October 30th.)

Social Studies – continue to review notes and worksheets from Chapter 3 (not 4)

Monitor Google Classroom for homework and assignments.

October 26th. 2020

6B Science

Test Friday October 30th – Lesson 4 ‘Animal Systems’ – Review notes and Vocabulary;

6B Social Studies Continue to review notes and vocabulary for Chapter 4 Sections 3 & 4

October 19, 2020

6B Social Studies:

Test Tuesday October 20 – Sections 1 & 2 Chapter 3  Study vocabulary and class notes;

Science – begin lesson 4 Animal Systems on Wednesday October 21st.

October 4, 2020

6B No Tests this week.

We will begin new chapters in Science & Social Studies:

Science Lesson 3 Animals

Social Studies Chapter 3 Mesopotamia & the Fertile Crescent

Remote Students:

  • order forms for picture day on October 22 are in the main office and would need to be picked up; but you need to call ahead to let the office know that you are coming in
  • Emergency Cards  – Mrs. Rodrigues is waiting for several students’ cards; if you have not submitted them or need to pick up, again please call the office and advise when you will be coming in


September 25, 2020

Homeroom Assistants….I have not  received any volunteers to help with homeroom 6B.  If anyone is interested in being a class assistant/parent for your child’s homeroom, please complete the form found in the Thursday folder, posted on September 10th..

Please be sure to return all requested forms posted in the Thursday folder if you have not done so already:

  • Student Handbook
  • Textbook loan
  • Google Education
  • Tech Agreement
  • Covid Handbook
  • Emergency Cards

Test Schedule  Week of September 27th:

  • Social Studies: Monday September 28th.
  • Science: Wednesday September 30th.

Detailed information regarding assignments can be found on Google Classroom.

Have a nice weekend!



September 21, 2020

Remember to check Google classroom for daily work and assignments even if you are absent.

Social Studies: Chapter 2 Section 1 quiz – Friday September 24

Science Quiz: Lesson 2 Chapter 1 Plants….tentatively scheduled for Wednesday Sept. 30th


September18, 2020

Check Google classroom for notes, assignments and quiz / test dates.

Science – Study for  Quiz Lesson 1 – Monday Septemeber 21.

Have a nice weekend!

September 16, 2020

6B Social Studies

Study for Chapter 1 Quiz

September 15, 2020

Assignments can be checked on Google classroom.  Most are to be completed in your notebook unless otherwise noted. Remote students, please upload your homework and post by the due date.

6B Social Studies & Science

Attached is your syllabus and general information describing both courses that you will be learning.Social Studies 6B World History

6B Social Studies

Attached information for Chapter 1 Ch 1 Review Notes

6B Classroom Codes

6B will need a separate notebook for Social Studies and a notebook for Science.

Google Classroom Codes are:
Science: r6z4iyb
Social Studies: ej4lqwt

Back to School!

Welcome back to Sacred Heart!

Please have patience as we all have to adjust to the changes that will make our in-person classes move forward.  Please note the following: 

  • Masks need to be worn at all times; Snack break and water breaks will be given in class; limited movement in class
  • Books will be kept at students’ desks  or assigned book shelf.
  • Students will need their own supplies, (pen, pencil, sharpener,etc.); cell phone or iPad needed for classwork; No sharing of supplies or snacks.
  • All classes will be using Google Classroom.  Teachers will post students’ codes for access to Google Classroom.
  • Lockers will be assigned and space will be given for social distancing; only jackets and backpacks are to be placed in lockers with lunch boxes on top of locker; Snack and water should be brought into class and put in desk.
  • Assigned lunch seats
  • All textbooks, workbooks, and notebooks must be labeled with student’s name and grade.
  • Students must bring a book to read;  classroom libraries are not accessible.
  • Before Monday 9/14, students must have decided on their learning style: in class, remote, or hybrid.  These styles will be mandatory for the first trimester.  If a student has chosen hybrid, the teachers must be informed of the specific days the student will be in/out.  This also will run for the first trimester.

Please contact me with any questions.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone in class!