Thank You!!

I would like to say thank you to my 5B students and parents. What a wonderful teacher’s day!! I am grateful for all that you do, and your generous gift is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend! Looks like it’s going to be a sunny one. Enjoy!

Ms. Klein

Final Exam Review

We have begun our review in class. Students will receive a printed review sheet on Monday listing everything that will be tested.
All students are to bring index cards next week to create “flash cards” for vocabulary and grammar.



According to the permission slip from the Lyndhurst Police Department, a check is required, not cash for the trip. If you have sent in cash I will return it. Please write the check to: Lyndhurst PBA Local #202.
All permission slips and check are due by June 3rd.
Thank you.

Ms. Klein

8A and 8B Religion

Bring index cards next week to begin Final Exam review of 100 terms.

Next Week’s Test Schedule

Grade 5
Vocabulary Unit 11 Test – Tue., 5/7

Grade 6
Vocabulary Unit 11 Test – Wed., 5/8
Mythology Test (Arachne and the 4 short stories) – Thur., 5/9

Grade 7
Vocabulary Unit 12 Test – Wed., 5/8
Icarus and Daedalus / Demeter and Persephone Test – Thur., 5/9

Grade 8
Vocabulary Unit 12 Test – Tue., 5/7
Literature – The Choice Test – Thur., 5/9

Medieval Times Trip

Students should wear gym uniforms tomorrow. You may wear sweatpants or shorts. Please note that there will be no time after the show to purchase anything in the gift shop. Our bus driver has another commitment and we must return immediately after the show. There may be time before the show.


Grade 5 – Vocabulary Unit 10 due on Friday.

Grade 6 – Mythology Test next Thursday, May 9th.
Vocabulary Unit 10 due on Friday.

Grade 7 – Mythology Test next Thursday, May 9th.
Vocabulary Unit 11 due on Friday.

Grade 8 – Vocabulary Unit 11 due on Friday.

Medieval Times Trip

Reminder: Our class Trip is this Thursday. The bus will leave around 9:30. Because we only have one driver, there will be several trips back and forth to the venue. We will return to school no later than 1:30.

Students are to wear Sacred Heart gym uniforms (sweatpants or shorts).

Mother’s Day Plant Sale

Grade 5B will shop at the Plant Sale on Thur., May 9th (9:00-9:30)


Grade 5
Vocabulary Unit 11 due Wednesday, May 1st.

Grade 6
Lit – Question 1, p. 864.

Grade 7
Vocabulary Unit 11 Due Friday, May 3rd.
Notes for research paper to be completed by Wednesday, May 8th.

Grade 8
Story ending (The Choice) due tomorrow
Graduation Speech printed (without name) and handed in on Wed., May 1st. Please place a Post It more with your name on the front page.

Easter Break

I would like to wish my SHS family a happy and blessed Easter. Enjoy the well deserved time off. Try to spend some time outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun and all that nature provides.
Many thanks go to our class parents for the Easter treat at lunch on Wednesday. Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated.

Have a Happy Easter!
Ms. Klein

Class Trip

We have secured two town buses for the trip, so we will not be walking. Thank you Mrs. Canal!

8th Grade Graduation Speeches

ALL 8th Grade Graduation Speeches (1st Draft) are due no later than Thursday, April 18th. Please note that this assignment will also receive a writing grade.

Religion 8A and 8B

Test tomorrow on the Triduum and Peter and Judas


5 – Literature Test on the Titanic

6 – Literature Test on The Tiger Who Would Be King and The Ant and the Dove