Good Morning!

It looks like another beautiful day… enjoy!

Grade 8 – I am very impressed and very touched by your thoughts and memories. Overall, a great job! I will finish reading and grading them today.

Grades 5-7 – Continue working on IXL Daily for about 30 minutes. There is no need to worry about due dates. Mrs. Canal and I are looking at what you are doing, and whether or not you are struggling. Reach out if you have any questions. Also, check the Stream for any upcoming Zoom meetings next week.

Enjoy the long weekend and take some time to think about those who served and given their lives for our nation. Remember to thank those who continue to serve in the armed forces for making that sacrifice to keep us safe.


On this Memorial Day, we pray for those who

courageously laid down their lives for the cause of freedom.

May the examples of their sacrifice inspire in us the selfless

love of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless the families

of our fallen troops, and fill their homes and their lives

with Your strength and peace.



Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice

your dreams for the sake of others.


Good Morning!

I hope that everyone is safe and well. Just a quick note to my 8th graders. This is your final week of work, and please make sure all of your assignments are turned in. You have until 1:00pm on Wednesday, May 27th to turn in any late assignments. After that, they will not be accepted. Despite the circumstances, you have risen to the occasion and powered through without too many bumps in the road. The ability to keep yourself organized and persevere through what has been a not so ideal learning situation shows the strength of your character. Carry this work ethic with you into high school and beyond as it will be the catalyst for all that you do.


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I will begin this day.

I thank you Lord, for having preserved me through the night.

I will do my best to make all I do today pleasing to

You in accordance with Your will.

My dear mother Mary, watch over me this day.

My Guardian Angel, take care of me.

St. Joseph and all the saints of God, pray for me.





Give thanks for the rainbows, for the butterflies,

for all God’s creatures — large and small, for the

bright blue sky and the soft fog and the gentle rain,

for the tree veiled in the season’s first frost,

for the baby’s laugh, for the touch of a hand

and the whispered,

“I love you.”

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie


The most powerful weapon

against your daily battles

is finding the courage to be

grateful anyway.

– unknown




Good Morning!

Grades 5 – 8

It has come to my attention that the IXL exercises are taking an extremely long time. Here is what I’d like you to do. Spend 30 minutes total on any of the exercises of your choice. You do not have to finish them, and do not go over 30 minutes on IXL. This is great practice, but I do not want you to think that you must continue until you achieve a score above 90. I will be counting this work as classwork, so it does not carry the same weight as assessments. However, I do want you to practice, and I will be checking to make sure you are doing so. In the end, I will look at what you have done and average out an assessment grade for your effort.



Lord Jesus, heal me.

Heal in me, whatever You see needs healing.

Heal me in whatever might separate me from You.

Heal my memory, heal my heart, heal my emotions,

Heal my spirit, heal my body, heal my soul.

Lay your hands gently upon me and heal me

through Your love for me.





can be beautiful and scary at the same time.

You can be hurting and wondering what tomorrow

will bring, but you can also be healing and happy.

Sometimes it’s best not to question why you’re

feeling this way, but instead experience all of the

emotions change may bring…

Change can be a beautiful, but scary process.


“We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us

so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid,

or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder.

You always have the choice.

– Dalai Lama






Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Just a few more weeks to go, so hang in there. Remember to make sure you check PowerSchool to see if you’re missing any work. DO NOT wait until the last minute to submit your assignments. Aside from your academic work, I hope that you have learned the importance of organization, perseverance, consistency, and a good work ethic. This has been a challenge for everyone, but I do believe it has helped you become more independent learners. Believe it or not, aside from your grades, these qualities are very important going forward into high school and beyond. Keep working hard. You can do this!



You walk beside me

You are always there.

Come be in my waking

Go with me everywhere.


Your hand will lead me

Your light will show the way.

Come be in my thinking

Be my guide today.




Never be in a hurry;

Do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.

Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever,

Even if your whole world seems upset.

– Saint Francis De Sales

If we have no peace,

it is because we have forgotten

that we belong to each other.

– Mother Teresa

Good Morning!

Happy Friday everyone! Use today to catch up on any assignments you need to complete, or spend some time resting, creating, or playing. Enjoy your weekend!



Dear God,

Touch the people around me,

keep them happy and safe.

Give them love, compassion and care…

Bless them all with good health,

peace in mind, and kindness in their heart.

Especially the ONE reading this message.




Everyone you meet is fighting a battle

you know nothing about.

Be kind.



Our purpose in this life is to help others.

And if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them.

– Dalai Lama


Good Morning!

Grades 5, 6, and 5B Religion please check the Google Classroom Stream for Zoom meetings next week. Students in grads 5-8 will begin using IXL next week. ID and password was sent to each student via their school email. Please make sure you have this before next week.



God, thank you for Spring and the hope of warmer, longer, brighter days.

Thank you for the coming of growth and life and birth.

Thank you that things are coming awake in the world. …

We hope in your gift of Spring.




“Where flowers bloom so does hope”

– Lady Bird Johnson




Good Morning!

FYI… I just received an email from Mrs. Ferrara this morning. If you owe her art projects, she will accept your work up until May 29th. You cannot submit work after 5/29, and grades will not be changed in Power School. Please make sure you hand in all of your work, including specials, on time. We are quickly approaching the end of the school year, so please check all of your classes and make sure you are up to date. OK 5B… You can do this!




For this beautiful new day.

For your Gift called Life.

For the Grace of being alive today.

For the chance to make a new beginning.

For all the people you put in my

Life when I needed them.

For Your Love that Protects Me

All day long.




“I believe that Appreciation is a Holy thing –

that when we look for what’s best in a

person we happen to be with at the moment,

we’re doing what God does all the time.

So in Loving and Appreciating our neighbor,

we’re participating in something Sacred.

– Fred Rogers



Good Morning!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend, especially all of our moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, and friends who bring something so special to our lives. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the women on earth and in heaven who love us.


Lord, thank you for another great night’s rest

and the opportunity to stand here today.

Today is another day that I will have made,

I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Lord, I know you love me.

Your word makes me understand the depth

of your love for me, and I thank you

for this boundless love.



“Fall seven times, get up eight.”

The Japanese proverb “Nana korobi, ya oki” (fall seven times, get up eight) means choosing to never give up hope, and to always strive for more.

The focus isn’t on the reality in front of you, but on a greater vision that may not be reality yet.

In these difficult times, we may find ourselves falling much more than we ever expected. However, it is important for us to realize that when we get up there is hope. Just as Jesus rose each time he fell while carrying the cross, we too must rise knowing there is always hope.

IXL User Names and Passwords- Grades 5-8

All IXL user names and passwords have been sent to the student email addresses. Please check to see if you have received the email.

IXL Access for Grades 5-8

Students and Parents:

Mrs. Canal and I are in the process of setting up the IXL website for the last weeks of school. This website allows the students to practice skills in Reading Strategies, Writing Strategies, Vocabulary, Grammar and Mechanics. Students are given real time feedback and grading based on their answers to the questions. All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. However, because the work is done on the IXL site there is nothing submitted through Google Classroom. Mrs. Canal and I will use IXL to access the grade for each skill. These grades will then be posted in Power School. Please continue to complete your work and ask any questions of your teachers when needed. Zoom meetings will be scheduled to go over this process.

Logging on to IXL:  ( All students will be sent a user name and password via email in Google Classroom. DO NOT change your user name or password as these have been set by me and Mrs. Canal. Once you receive the user name and password, please try signing in. If you have any difficulties contact your teacher for assistance. We are looking to begin working with IXL next week, so please do check your email for the sign in information.




Good Morning!

As we move closer to the end of the school year, it is important for you to check Google Classroom and PowerSchool to make sure all of your assignments are completed and graded. If you have any questions, please contact me through email.

The Good Morning God Prayer

Good Morning God!
You are ushering in another day,
untouched and freshly new.
So here I am to ask you, God,
if You’ll renew me too.

Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday
and let me try again dear God
to walk closer in Your way.

But Lord, I am well aware,
I can’t make it on my own.
So take my hand and hold it tight,
for I cannot walk alone.

Good Morning!

Have a good day, and enjoy your weekend. According to the weather reports it should be a nice one.


Dear God,

When I stand at the beginning of a new day,

bless me with vision to see the best of things to come…

Wisdom to make good decisions…

and most of all, faith

that you are walking with me every step of the way.


Good Morning!

Grade 5B Religion – please make sure you check the Zoom meeting ID and Password on Google Classroom.

Go to Google Classroom and open the “Mary Project” document. Read the assignment completely before our meeting today.


May the Lord be the source of your strength and always by your side.

May your heart be filled with faith in the Lord, who is a loving guide.

May your hearts desire be granted and all your plans fulfilled.

May all your fears and worries in your heart and mind be calmed and stilled.



Good Morning!

Please check the Stream on Google Classroom for any Zoom meetings this week. At this time, I will have a meeting with Grade 6 ELA/Literature on Tuesday at 10:45am and 5B Religion Wednesday afternoon at 1:45. I will post codes and passwords in Google Classroom on the morning of the meeting.


Lord our God,

You give different gifts to each of us

and you are pleased when we use our gifts well.

Inspire each of us to reach our potential and

use our gifts for the benefit of others.

Enable us by the power of your Spirit to grow

in faith and imagination and creativity, living a

life for others that is worthwhile.


Good Morning!

Have a good Friday. Use the day to rest, play, and catch up with your work. Enjoy the weekend.


Dear God,

Thank you for today,

Yesterday and tomorrow;

My family, My joys, My sorrows;

For all that made me stronger.