2B—Mrs. Sapinski

Mrs. Sapinski

Books to keep home

Your children should keep the Reading Street book home.   It was sent home today.  It does not have to come back to school next week.

Also, they were given a reading packet and a math packet.  Please keep these home also, as we will be working on them after Thanksgiving. (when we go virtual)

Google meet

Please note that the google meet code is https://meet.google.com/rst-wzad-rbn.

The link on the google classroom page is incorrect, but the system will not let me change it.

Homework 11 – 19

Math pg 34

Spelling – ABC Order

Homework for 11 -18

Math worksheet

Spelling words 3 times each

Homework for 11 – 17

Math pg 33

Spelling study for test tomorrow

Google Meet code and Google Classroom

Here is the Google Meet code for when we go virtual:



Here is the Google Classroom code:


Homework for Nov 16

Math pg 32

Spelling – 5 Sentences

Gym Google Classroom

Please sign up for the Google Classroom for gym.  The  link is on Miss Mitchell’s blog.

Thank you.

Homework for 11 – 12

Math pg 30

Spelling – ABC Order

Homework for 11 – 11

Math page 29

Spelling  words 3 times each

Homework for 11 – 9

Math pg 28

Spelling study for test tomorrow

Homework for 11 – 9

Math pg 27

Spelling – 5 sentences

Homework for 11-5

Math pg 25

Spelling ABC order

Homework for 11-4

Math pg 24

Spelling words 3 times each

Homework for Nov 3

Math pg 23

Spelling- study

Homework for Nov 2

Math workbook pg 22

Spelling – study for test tomorrow

Homework for Oct 29

Math pg 21

Spelling study

Homework for Oct 27

Math page 20

Spelling ABC order

Returning Tests

Please sign and return all tests.

Homework for 10-26

Math workbook page 19

Spelling words 3 times each

Homework for Oct 22

No Math

Study for Spelling and Reading tests

Reading Review

Tara and Tiree Review

Jim trained dogs because he loved them.

The story takes place in the country.

Jim felt surprised when the ice broke.

After Tiree fell in the water, Tara tried to help Jim.

Jim and his dogs sat by the fire at the end of the story.

Tara and Tiree were alike because they were smart.

The dogs worked together to pull Jim out of the water.

Another name for the story might be Jim’s Special Friends, or Saving Jim.

At the end of the story, Jim learned to be more careful on the ice.

Homework for 10 -21

No Math

Spelling 5 sentences

Religion test tomorrow

Reading and Spelling Tests Fri

Religion review

The Holy Spirit was sent by God the Father and Jesus to help and guide the church.

The Holy Spirit is still with us.

Confirmation seals us with the Holy Spirit.

At Confirmation, the bishop anoints us with holy oil.

The Holy Spirit helps us to love God and others.

Confirmation is the sacrament that seals us with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is the sacrament that makes us members of the Church.

The symbol of the Holy Spirit is the flame because fire gives us warmth, light and energy.

Homework for Oct 20

Math – study for test tomorrow

Spelling – ABC order

Religion – test Thursday

Reading and Spelling tests – Friday

Math test

The following will be covered on the math test:

Fact families

doubles plus 1 (for example 8+8+1),

Numbers in a pattern for example  7+6=13



Fill in the last answer (10+3=13)

Subtraction and addition sentences

Word problems

Adding 4 numbers together

Homework for 10 – 19

Spelling words 3 times each

part, hard, born, more, smart, farm, corn, score, torn, dear

Math – review for test on Wednesday

Homework for Oct 15

Math pg 15

Spelling study

Reading study

Reading Test Review

Little Red Ant left his home to see who was the strongest.

The ants probably felt surprised when the Little Red Ant told the others what he had learned.

Another title for this story could be “Everything is Strong.”

The sun can talk.  This is how you know the story is fantasy.

The other ants probably felt worried when Little Red Ant left the hole because they thought he would be killed.

Most of the story happens outside the ants’ hole.

The part of the story that could happen is an ant walks.

Fire was stronger than Stick.

Religion Review

The religion test will be on Thursday, I don’t want the children to have 3 tests on Friday.

Catholics become members of the Church when they are baptized.

We share in God’s life through the sacraments.

Jesus is with us in the sacraments through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A sacrament is a sign given by Jesus.

The gift of faith helps us trust in God and believe in him.

When we worship God, we give him thanks and praise.

Catholics worship and work together in communities called parishes.

Jesus is present with us in the sacraments.