6A—Mrs. Vasil


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you to the class mom’s for the Chick Fil A meals today… It was a big hit!
Special thanks to Mrs. Scerbo for delivering them to our class and making sure each child had a meal.

Blessings to All and Happy Thanksgiving!

8th grade recommendations

It has been discussed and posted on my blog as well as google classroom since September regarding 8th grade recommendations…
Deadline for a student to request was 2-3 weeks before due dates, but to keep in mind the holidays.
There is a form, each student needs to fill out, typed and returned prior, along with self addressed stamped envelopes with the school’s name.
At this time, I have received request with no form, self addressed envelopes and deadlines that would take away my holidays with my family, since each recommendation is written to fit and showcase the student’s strengths. It is really unacceptable at this point.
I will not accept any further request after 11/18 with exception for the Techical schools.
Thank you for all who followed my guidelines

Remote learning guidelines

Guidelines for Remote Learning Week of 11-30-2020 to 12-4-2020

From Monday 11-16 to Wednesday 11-25, students will be taking hard cover books, workbooks, and notebooks home in preparation for the week of remote learning.

1) Students should already be members of each subject’s Google Classroom. They were signed up in September. This includes specials

2) We will be using a half day schedule. Classes will begin at 8:15 am. We will change classes on the half and the three quarter hour.

3) By 8:10 students should sign into whatever class their homeroom teacher designates so we can take attendance.

4) At 8:15 students should join Google Meet for their first class. All they need to do is go to the class and click on the link for Google Meet.

5) We will end classes a few minutes early so students can log out of the class that is ending and sign into the next class.

6) In the afternoon from 1:00 to 2:00 the teachers will be available for extra help.

8A – log into 8th grade Social Studies – Mr. Kozdemba

8B – log into 8B ELA – Mrs. Canal

7A – log into 7A Science – Mr. Puzio

7B – log into 7B Religion – Mrs. Guerra

6A – log into 6A Science – Mrs. Vasil

6B – log into 6B Science – Mrs. Alberti

5A – log into Social Studies – Mrs. Rooney

5B – log into 5B ELA – Mrs. Klein

Because we were remote at the end of last year, we are looking forward to a smooth transition.

If you need further clarification, email your child’s homeroom teacher. If there are many of you with questions, we’ll have a Zoom meeting this Thursday 11-19-2020 at 6:30 pm. Otherwise, we will handle your individual questions. If we are having a Zoom meeting we will contact you with the particulars.

8th grade test

Test will be on Tuesday, October 27th on the Muscular System

Please review the packets:

* 4.3 Labeling of muscles and Level one questions

* How the Muscular system Worksheet

* Masses of Muscles worksheet

If you do flashcards for vocabulary that will count as 5 extra credit points on your test

Work that is due:

Muscular system packet due tomorrow and Friday

Muscular system disorder/disease project : either poster, brochure or research paper due on Friday

Skin Disorder lab report with sunscreen is due on Monday

Science Projects

Parents in Science we do a lot of projects/labs. Please do not go out and buy any supplies unless if I post it on my blog.
All of the projects/labs only require at times: construction paper, glue, scissors, crayons, markers and an imagination that “thinks outside of the box”….
Junk drawers and finds in the garage are always welcomed…

Ex: 5th graders are working on modeling either an invertebrate or vertebrate in their natural environment, with a shoe box…
They do not need to buy the animal model but can build it with construction paper, craft sticks (which I have an endless supply of) , clay (only if they have it), aluminum , etc…

So, Please do not go out and purchase anything…

Thank you for your support

Mrs. Vasil

8th Grade Parents and Students (High School Recommendations)

This weekend, I have received several High School request for recommendations.

Please note, as I discussed with the 8th graders in the beginning of the school year:

These are the requirements in requesting a recommendation from me:

* Student MUST come to me prior and fill out the form for the request
(this form is a general form that they must fill out)

* If it is for a High School that requires mail in- A self addressed stamped envelope MUST BE PROVIDED for each high school

* If it is a computer generated recommendation.. Student MUST inform prior that I will be receiving the request from the school.


* I will show the student their recommendation that I am preparing but they will not receive a copy of it.

Please keep in mind, in the past few years, I have prepared per year over 75 recommendations for students. It is time consuming, since I personalize each one with the different schools that they will be applying to.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions please feel free to email me


Mrs. Vasil

5th test correction

Your Oct 14 test will be on:

Chapter 1: lessons 2-3 only

Study worksheets and quick checks

Remember to finish lesson 3 worksheets by this Friday and the quick checks

Test Schedule

6a: Science test on Chapter 1 ,Lessons 1-2 only

Test will be on Wednesday, October 14th

Study workbook pages and quick checks for each lesson

5th Grade:

Science test on Chapter 1 ,Lessons 2-3 only

Study worksheets
Quick Checks

Test will be on Wednesday , Oct 14th

Google Classroom and Powerschool

Just a gentle reminder:

On Powerschool if you see a “U”, that means you did not submit your work… once submitted the grade is always adjusted.

Google Classroom: there are assignments that say “Remote Only”, that is because the students that are in person instruction are working on these assignments in class.
Also, most assignments are not listed in Google Classroom , if we are working on them in class.. I instruct the remote students to upload pictures of work and send them through the email.

Lastly, I get to all of my emails and request on a timely manner… but on the weekends, I spend my time with my family, so all emails will be answered first thing Monday morning or throughout the day.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs. Vasil

8th Grade test

Test on Chapter 2, sections 1-2 on Thursday Oct 1

We will review on Friday

Please check Google Classroom for assignments and due dates

Supplies for All Classes

Parents please make sure your child has all of the supplies that I requested.

It is important for them to bring in their own supplies/materials, since we cannot share amongst other classmates.

Basic supplies:

colored pencils
wet glue
scotch tape
construction paper

We will be doing a lot of project based work in Science and these are the few things they will need. Please refer to my previous blog post on the list of supplies.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs. Vasil

6a Homeroom

Parents please fill out all school forms and have your child bring them in ASAP

All forms can be found on Thursday folder:
Student Handbook
Textbook loan
Google Education
Tech Agreement
Covid Handbook
Emergency Cards (which were given to children 1st day of school)

Many of the above are missing for 6a Homeroom

Thank you for your support

Work and Assignments on Google Classroom

All of my students:

Please do not ask questions on Google Classroom, especially if you are in person instruction. We will discuss work, assignments, homework, etc, in class

Remote and hybrid: if you have any questions please let me know either through, email, google classroom or webcam (during class)

Please remember though I answer your concerns, questions , etc., it is way after school hours and most of these questions can be answered in school.

6A Homeroom, Science and Religion

All assignments, homework and projects will be posted on Google Classroom, not on this blog. Make sure you check daily for anything that is posted.

All Hybrid and Remote learners: all assignments, projects and homework should be posted to Google Classroom: either through Google Docs, Word, or written and screenshot.

All in person learners: Workbook pages will be corrected in class, you do not have to submit in Google Classroom
Quick checks, Reading Checks or Reviews must be submitted through Google Classroom

Homeroom: All forms MUST be submitted ASAP, especially emergency cards.

Remote and Hybrid Learners

Just a few quick notes

1. When participating in class, all video must be turned on, and we must be able to see you. Emojis and black screens are not acceptable.
2. Students cannot just walk away from their computer without informing the teacher. There have been a few instances of students leaving their screen and not returning.
3. Please communicate with your teacher when online. If you are asked a question, please respond.
4. Please do not talk to any siblings in your room and go to a room with no disturbances.
5. We are aware of the Internet connection issues. Please make sure you check Google Classroom for any classwork and homework.
6. 6a and 6b remote/hybrid learners, for Religion… go onto my google classroom homeroom and click the link. Our first 10 minutes we do meditation and spiritual journaling so be prepared to get up and listen to my guidance.

Google Classroom Codes

Here are the codes for each class:

8th grade: dnwuwcd

5th grade: gstkvax

6a grade Science: 5j544e6

6th grade Religion: zai5tux

Homeroom (only used for announcements) : irensge

Supply list correction

Please disregard the $7 to bring in for the multi folder.
You can pick up a multi folder, instead of all separate ones… Staples, Walmart and Target has them

Hybrid and Remote Students

For all students who will be learning remotely, please pick up your books Thursday 9/10 at 12:30 in the parking lot.

Students who have chosen hybrid learning will be given your books in class. Please note: You will be given only one set of books. You well need to take them back and forth to class.

Supply list: 6a homeroom, Mrs. Vasil’s Science classes, 6a & 6b Religion class


Hand Sanitizer or Disinfecting hand wipes
Disinfecting wipes (such as Lysol or Clorox)
Printer Paper
$7 in an envelope with your name on it for a multi-subject folder
$5 in an envelope with your name on it for a lock – 5th grade and any student who does not have a lock for their locker

Pencil Case: Make sure your name is on the inside of your pencil case and that the following items fit inside:(if need be, put some of the supplies in a large ziplock baggie with name on it)

Science classes and Religion that I teach

3 subject notebook, or 3 single subject notebooks
wet glue
glue stick (3 pack)
colored pencils
scotch tape
pencil and sharpener
pens (red and blue or black)
1 pack of lined index cards
A journal (only religion class for 6a and 6b)
Must have a large tee shirt or smock with name on label

Weclome Back

Welcome back to Sacred Heart!

Just a few reminders before we start school:

Masks need to be worn at all times; Snack break and water breaks will be given in class; limited movement in class
Books will be kept at students’ desks or assigned book shelf.
Students will need their own supplies, please refer to the list previously posted for grades 5-8… all supplies should be kept in a supply box with your name on it; cell phone or iPad needed for classwork; No sharing of supplies or snacks.
All classes will be using Google Classroom. Teachers will post students’ codes for access to Google Classroom.
Lockers will be assigned and space will be given for social distancing; only jackets and backpacks are to be placed in lockers with lunch boxes on top of locker; Snack and water should be brought into class and put in desk.
Assigned lunch seats
All textbooks, workbooks, and notebooks must be labeled with student’s name and grade.
Students must bring a book to read; classroom libraries are not accessible.
Before Monday 9/14, students must have decided on their learning style: in class, remote, or hybrid. These styles will be mandatory for the first trimester. If a student has chosen hybrid, the teachers must be informed of the specific days the student will be in/out. This also will run for the first trimester.
Please contact me with any questions. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in class!