5A—Mrs. Rooney


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I would like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

I want to especially like to thank the Class Mom’s from 5A and 5B (Bridget Saoud, Suzanne Infantes, Enelina Kluska, Maria Pansini, Janine Rodriguez,Catherine Scerbo, and Lisa Agnw) for the wonderful meal from Chic-fil-A! They went above and beyond so that we could have a covid friendly sharing table. And thank you Mrs. Scerbo for making sure the meals were delivered smoothly.

Enjoy the break, be safe, and I will see you Monday via remote!

Schedule for remote learning

Schedule for remote learning

Click on schedule for remote learning for the schedule for 5A. It is the same schedule they follow during the week when they are here.

Students need to go to the Google Classroom for each teacher. For example, for math, they need to go to 5A Math with Mrs. Guerra. When they get to the classroom they just click onto the Google Meet link and they will join the class.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Guidelines for remote learning

Guidelines for Remote Learning Week of 11-30-2020 to 12-4-2020

From Monday 11-16 to Wednesday 11-25, students will be taking hard cover books, workbooks, and notebooks home in preparation for the week of remote learning.

1) Students should already be members of each subject’s Google Classroom. They were signed up in September. This includes specials

2) We will be using a half day schedule. Classes will begin at 8:15 am. We will change classes on the half and the three quarter hour.

3) By 8:10 students should sign into whatever class their homeroom teacher designates so we can take attendance.

4) At 8:15 students should join Google Meet for their first class. All they need to do is go to the class and click on the link for Google Meet.

5) We will end classes a few minutes early so students can log out of the class that is ending and sign into the next class.

6) In the afternoon from 1:00 to 2:00 the teachers will be available for extra help.

8A – log into 8th grade Social Studies – Mr. Kozdemba
8B – log into 8B ELA – Mrs. Canal
7A – log into 7A Science – Mr. Puzio
7B – log into 7B Religion – Mrs. Guerra
6A – log into 6A Science – Mrs. Vasil
6B – log into 6B Science – Mrs. Alberti
5A – log into Social Studies – Mrs. Rooney
5B – log into 5B ELA – Mrs. Klein

Because we were remote at the end of last year, we are looking forward to a smooth transition.

If you need further clarification, email your child’s homeroom teacher. If there are many of you with questions, we’ll have a Zoom meeting this Thursday 11-19-2020 at 6:30 pm. Otherwise, we will handle your individual questions. If we are having a Zoom meeting we will contact you with the particulars.

Tests week of 11-9-2020

Tuesday 11-10-2020
Social Studies – Totem Pole Project due

Thursday 11-12-2020
Math 7 – Multiplying and Dividing with Integer fractions
Social Studies – Chapter 2

Friday 11-13-2020
Math 6 – equivalent fractions, ordering and comparing fractions, and mixed numbers and improper fractions

Math 8 – Percent of change

8th grade math test

The 8th grade math test has been rescheduled to Friday October 23rd. The test is on solving equations with variables on both sides.

Test schedule week of 10-19-2020

Monday 10-19-2020
Math 7 – Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators

Wednesday 10-21-2020
Social Studies – Chapter 1
Math 8 – Solving equations with variables on both sides

Thursday 10-22-2020
Math 5 – Dividing with 2 digit divisors

Friday 10-23-2020
Math 6 – Prime factorization, GCF and LCD

Monday 10-26-2020
Social Studies – 50 states test – rescheduled

Math and Social Studies Syllabus

Both the math and social studies syllabus has been posted as an assignment on my Google Classroom. Please read the syllabus. Fill out the bottom section of the last page and hand it in to me no later than 10-9-2020 – this Friday.

Test updates

The 5th grade math test on dividing with one digit divisors is moved to Wednesday.

The 6th grade test is on powers, exponents, and divisibility. There will be a separate test on prime factorization.

Test schedule for week of 10-5-2020

Monday 10-5-2020
Math 7 – multiplication and division of integers

Tuesday 10-6-2020
Math 5 – dividing with single digit divisors

Wednesday 10-7-2020
Math 6 – powers, exponents, divisibility, and prime factorization

Friday 10-9-2020
Math 8 – one step and multi-step equations

Gentle reminders

Tomorrow is a tag day. Please wear appropriate casual clothes. The cost is $1.00. Please put the dollar in an envelope with your child’s name on it and grade.

Tomorrow is also a half day and dismissal will be at 12:10.

Please make sure that your child has a crate tomorrow for their books. Please be sure to put their name on their crate.

Test schedule week of 9-28-2020

Wednesday 9-30-2020
Social Studies – Overview chapter

Thursday 10-1-2020
Math 6 – assessment on powers, exponents, divisibility rules, and prime factorization

Math 7 – assessment on multiplying and dividing integers

Crates!!!!!! 5A and 5B

In an effort to keep our rooms neat and orderly, we are asking you to purchase a plastic crate for your child to put their books in. The dimensions of the crate should be the following: Length 15 5/8″, Width 13 3/4″, Height 10 5/8″. We’ve looked at Target and they have them for $4.00. You can get a crate at any store that you choose. Please make sure they have the dimensions listed above. Each student’s name (first and last) needs to be on their crate. Please make sure they have their crate by Friday 10-2-2020 at the very latest. Thank you!

Missing math homework 5B

Any student who did not do last night’s homework (PW 10 in the practice workbook) has it for homework tonight. There were only 4 students who had no homework today.

Remote students and assessments

Tomorrow will be the litmus test for those of you who are remote and taking a test from home for the first time with me.
I will post the test to your google classroom right before class. You are to download the test, and take it in the 45 minutes we have for class. When you have finished, you need to take a picture of the test and your work, upload them to google classroom and mark the assignment as submitted. Your test will be under Assignment 9-22-2020.

Test schedule week of 9-21-2020

Tuesday 9-22-2020
Math 6 – Whole number operations
Math 5 – Adding and subtracting whole numbers
Math 7 – adding and subtracting integers
Math 8 – variables and expressions and evaluating expressions

Gentle Reminders

We’ve made it through the first 3 full days of school!

Just some gentle reminders:
If you have not signed into my goole classroom for 5th grade social studies, 5b math, 6a math, 7b pre algebra and 8a algebra, please do so. I have sent emails to those students who have not signed in yet.

Please check the Thursday folder for forms that need to be completed and sent in to school. I am still missing a few.

have a good Wednesday and I will see you tomorrow!

Gentle Reminder

If you have not done so, please fill out the forms in the Thursday folder and send them in ASAP. Also, make sure you go on the website and add your email address.
Thank You!

Technical Difficulty

We are having technical difficulty with the remote learning situation. We are working on it. I will make sure that the students who are remote know what we have been working on and we will get you caught up. All I ask is that you please be patient. We are just as frustrated as you:(

Welcome Back!!!!!

Welcome Back!

This year will be challenging; however, with patience and cooperation from all we will succeed.


1. All students must wear masks.
2. They will be given a snack break and water breaks in class.
3. Movement in class in limited.
4. Students will have their own books at their desks or at an assigned book shelf.
5. Each student should have his or her own tissue box and pencil sharpener.
6. Each student is asked to have his or her own phone or iPad as to complete online work assignments. All classes will be using Google Classroom. Teachers will post students’ codes for access to Google Classroom.
7. Teachers will continue to post tests on their blogs.
8. Lockers will be assigned and space will be given for social distancing. There will be no lingering at lockers. Students will put only their jackets and book bags in the locker. Lunch boxes will be placed on top of locker. Snack and water should be brought into class and put in desk. Please make sure water bottles are tightly closed as to avoid spillage.
9. Lunch seats will be assigned for all students.
10. There is no sharing of any supplies or snacks. Please make sure you have pens, pencils, erasers, markers, highlighters, etc.
11. All textbooks, workbooks, and notebooks must be labeled with student’s name and grade.
12. Students must bring a book to read. They will not be allowed to use classroom libraries.
13. Before Monday 9/14, students must have decided on their learning style: in class, remote, or hybrid. These styles will be mandatory for the first trimester. If a student has chosen hybrid, the teachers must be informed of the specific days the student will be in/out. This also will run for the first trimester.
As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Supply List for 2020-2021 – Updated

Here is the supply list for the 2020-2021 school year for students in grades 5 – 8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Please note we will not be purchasing the multi-pocket folders for the students. They are responsible for purchasing them themselves. Here is the item number and the upc code for Staples: Item # 18118
UPC: 718103121569.

Supply list 2020-2021