Entering Grade 7

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students:

I hope that you are getting some rest and enjoying the warm summer days. In an effort to keep you learning and ready for September, Miss Klein and I have assigned some IXL summer work. I have attached the document to this post. Please read all of the directions before beginning. The work will come to you every two weeks, and you are expected to spend some time practicing. Check the rubric at the bottom of the page, and based on the amount of time you spend, an “extra credit” grade will be posted in September on PowerSchool. Please do not spend hours on each assignment trying to achieve a “100 percent” grade on IXL. This is just review material so that we can see where you are academically for September.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Grade 7 Assignments – 6.29