Accelerated Pre-Algebra I

May 28: We have studied concepts in algebra, and geometry throughout our year.  We also studied problem solving strategies, reading through a problem knowing what we know, and what we need to find out.  We defined words such as variable, solution, exponent.  We also defined words more exactly.  For example, answer and solution.  Recall answer is what we say the variable equals, or what the response to a question is.  For example, x + 3 = 5, x = 2.  My answer is 2.  The capital of New Jersey is Trenton.  My answer is Trenton.  The first president of the United States was Thomas Jefferson.  My answer is Thomas Jefferson.  Am I correct?  No.  The solution is George Washington.  Recall solution means the correct answer.

Look at the following:

1+ 1 = 2

13 + 13 = 2

2 + 3 = 5

12 + 13 = 13

6 + 17 = 11

12 + 11 = 11

All of my answers are solutions, that is, correct answers.  How?

E-mail me your solution to this question.

Friday May 22  and Monday May 25:  We will observe the Memorial Day holiday.  Please use this time to take a break.  However, you may also use this time to make up missing work.  

Thank a veteran, and/or active service member and remember those veterans who went before us.  

As we are aware, there will not be written progress reports for the third trimester. please check students’ progress on powerschool.  Assignments and grades are posted and will be updated this week.

Please complete all assignments by Wednesday, May 27 8:00 A.M. Grades must be finalized.    I am updating grades.  Please make sure to complete all assignments.  Check power school and if a grade is not posted, or is recorded as a zero, make sure to complete the assignment.  I will go back over everyone’s grades.  

May 19:  I have re-posted assignments on Khan Academy for students who had trouble locating these before.  If you completed them already, you do not need to do them again. Your assignment for May 19 is mean median and mode, and the practice exercises.

May 15:  Please log on to Khan Academy and view the instructional lessons again for probability if you need reinforcement.  Please review power school and if you are missing work, please complete all assignments by Monday, May 18.  Thank you.

May 11:  Please be aware that I have re-posted several assignments on Khan Academy. These are for students who need to complete them.  If you have already completed them, you do not need to do them again.

I am updating grades.  Please make sure to complete all assignments.  Check power school and if a grade is not posted, or is recorded as a zero, make sure to complete the assignment.  I will go back over everyone’s grades.

In addition, we need to continue where we left off with our study of Roman Numerals.

We went up to LXXX.

The next group is 81 to 89.










The next group is 90 to 100.












For 100- to 199, just write C in front of the numerals we learned.

Roman Numerals for the hundreds group:




D = 500





M = 1,000

Recall we do not repeat a Roman Numeral more than three times.  For example, 400 is CD (one hundred before five hundred, not CCCC).

Roman Numerals for the thousands group to 10,000:


Notice the bar above the V in 5,000.  You will use this bar to represent 5,000 to 10,000.

Copy the Roman Numerals and review them over the next week.  Try to use them instead of our numerals.

Why do we study Roman Numerals? They are used today.

Names of popes: Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI (although we do not use the title “Pope” in front of a past pope’s name; we refer to them as John Paul II, Benedict XVI; only the current pope is referred to with the title of Pope).

Royalty: Queen Elizabeth II (current monarch of Great Britain)

King George III, King Louis XIV

The Super Bowl: 2020 LIV;  2019 LIII

Pages to the preface of a book.

Topics in an outline.

Year a movie was made.

Poland uses them when writing a date in numerals instead of using the words for the month.

May 8, 2020 is  8 V 2020r (8 is the 8th, V is the fifth month, May).





















For Friday, April 24, go to The Pi Song (Memorize 100 Digits Of π) on you tube.  See how many digits of pi you can memorize!  I would like you to know and use 3.1415 when you continue with your studies in geometry and measurement.  We like to be as exact as possible when measuring.  Pi, remember, is an approximation since it is an irrational number and does not terminate or repeat.  Use 3.1415 and when your classmates and teachers in high school and college have an answer, compare your answer to theirs.  Explain you used 3.1415 to be more exact.  Using 3.1415 will put you above and beyond the average and indicate your higher level of knowledge.

Welcome back!  We will continue with geometry.  You have studied formulas to determine perimeter, area and volume for various figures. Now, you will use several area formulas to determine the area of composite figures.  As you go through the lessons, and complete practice exercises, pay particular attention to dividing the figure into component parts (figures).  Many times we end up with triangles.  That is why knowing the formulas for the area of triangles and the parts of a triangle are important and useful.  We study triangles in greater depth in trigonometry, a course you will take in high school.  Now you are getting a foundation in this branch of mathematics.

Power school has been updated through and including April 8, 2020.

Please be reminded that I am not penalizing students if assignments are turned in late. The objective is to have you learn the concepts, complete the practice exercises, and continue to progress in geometry and algebra.

March 30:  Some students had difficulty finding the first three assignments in Khan Academy.  They are the circumference of a circle,  circumference of a circle practice exercises, and radius, diameter, circumference, pi.  They were reassigned for March 31. If you completed these already, you do not need to do them again.  Thank you.

Please note:  if you are missing an assignment, or received a zero, you can make up the assignment and will receive credit.

Assignments are posted daily.  Assignments posted for my classes should be done the day it is assigned. I understand you may have had difficulty opening the assignments.  I will not penalize you for a late assignment.  However, you must complete the assignments within two days so as not to fall behind.

For Accelerated Pre-Algebra and Accelerated Algebra I log into Khan Academy for the assignments. Some students are in google classroom for the assignments.  For now, math assignments are in Kahn Academy.

Duplicate assignments may appear in the assignment list.  Only do the assignment once.

Make sure to set up your account, and use the appropriate class code below.

Please be reminded that students must complete assignments on Kahn Academy and/or Google Classroom.  The assignments will be graded.

Kahn Academy will be used along with google classroom while school is closed.

Kahn Academy code YYKYS2VT

google classroom oxuzd4b

Seventh grade mathematicians are determining the circumference and area of the circle.  They learned the parts of the circle and how pi is determined.  We also are determining the area of a sector.

For Mon., Mar. 9: text p. 665 1-16.

For Wed., Mar. 11: text p. 665 1-16.

For Fri. Mar. 13 text p. 680-81 1-5, 7-19.

Wednesday, March 18:  Test Chapter 11 Lessons 4, 5, 6, 7