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Reading: “Smash! Crash!”

Sight Words: to, a

Writing/Letter Recognition: Ww-Zz

Math: Positional Words continued (above/below, over/on/under, in front/behind, left/right, between)

Religion: God Made All People, God Made Us

Science: Leaf Investigation

Social Studies: Columbus Day

Homework: Red notebook writing, Review Reading Folder

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  • Sign and return the Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form
  • PASTABILITIES Tricky Tray donations are due on October 24th
  • Read each day for our Book It! Challenge
  • There is no school Monday 10/14 for Columbus Day
  • Tuesday 10/15 we begin wearing winter uniforms
  • Thursday 10/17 we have mass at 9am


Girl’s Winter Uniform

Plaid jumper

White long or short sleeve Peter Pan blouse

Gray cardigan sweater with logo (optional)

Red or gray cotton knee socks

Black shoes

Boy’s Winter Uniform

Black trousers

Long or short sleeve dress white shirt

Black belt

REQUIRED-either the gray pullover sweater with logo or gray sweater vest with logo

Gray cardigan sweater with logo(optional)

Black or white cotton socks

Black shoes