2019-2020 Math competitions building up already! Be ready!

Students and parents,

We had an amazing year last year with the math club!  A few quick highlights:

  • As a club, we earned our fourth Gold Level with the creation of math games
  • 10 students qualified for the Mathleague elementary competition, a school record
  • 2 students qualified and competed at the Mathleague national competition in Texas
  • 2 students qualified for (INTER)²SECT, the national Mathleague Middle School competition
  • We hosted a Mathleague Elementary and a Mathleague Middle School competition in March

We already have several math competitions lining up for the fall, two of which we applied to host:

  • October 13th (Sunday, 4th-8th grades)- Bergen County Academies Holbrook Competition (https://holbrook.bergen.org/)- Hackensack
  • October 22nd (Tuesday, 3rd-6th grades)- Mathleague Elementary competition- Sacred Heart (tentative)
  • October 24th (Thursday, 6th-8th grades)- Mathleague Middle School competition- Sacred Heart (tentative)
  • November 2nd (Saturday, 6th-8th grades)- iLearn Math Contest- Princeton University

Look at the summer math challenge (http://www.sacredheartlynd.org/school/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Math-CompetitionSummerChallenge-2019.pdf) for some guidance on how to prepare.  If you are looking for more details, feel free to email Mr. Dalzell (mdalzell@sacredheartlynd.org).  Please keep in mind he may be hiking through the forests with no signal, and responses may take a week or so to happen.

More details to come soon!