Dear Parents and Guardians:

I hope you are having a safe and healthy summer so far.   I want to keep you informed on “happenings” at Sacred Heart.

I will be away from July 2nd to July 10th.    Someone will be in the office to answer phones and doors Mondays through Thursdays.    Fridays the office is closed during the summer.

I will put out used uniforms on tables outside the cafeteria.  These will be available beginning on July 1st.   Please feel free to donate as well as take what you can use.

Every year there are staff changes and adjustments.   I would like to  inform you that after more than 25 years at Sacred Heart, Mrs. Roberta Murphy is “retiring” from the classroom.  She has been a pillar of stability and a marvelous Kindergarten teacher for so many of you and your children.    WE wish her many blessings and THANK her for her many years of dedication to Catholic Education.

This loss to Sacred Heart therefore generates some changes.  I will list for you the standings as they are today this does not mean that things will not change before September

PreK 3 – Mrs. Menka Arsovska and Mrs. Linda Marino

PreK 4-1 —   Will hire

Prek 4-2 – Mrs. Holly Marmorato and Mrs. Lily Sandoval ( new Aide)

K-1 – Mrs. Kerry Gaul and Mrs. Judy DeMarco

K-2 Ms. Marisa Kowalczyk and Ms. Maria Vela

1A – Mrs. Rama

1B – Mrs. Mele

1st grade Aide – Mrs Cathy VanDyk

2A – Ms. Katherine Greenwood

3A – Ms. Nicole Cornacchia

4A – Ms. Joan Fleischl

4B – Mrs. Maryann Garone

5A – Mrs Anne Rooney ( Math Gr. 5 & 6 Accelerated, Gr. 7&8 standard, Gr. 5 Soc Studies, Gr. 5 Religion)

5B – Ms. Judy Klein ( Literature and Language Arts Gr. 5&6 Standard, Gr. 7& 8 Accelerated, Gr. 5 Religion)

6A – Mrs. Marilyn Canal ( Literature and Language Arts Gr. 5&6 Accelerated, Gr. 7&8 Standard, 7th Grade Religion)

6B – Mrs Angela Vasil – ( Gr. 5,6,8 Science)

7A – Mr. Matthew Dalzell ( 7& 8 Grade Accelerated Math, 7th Gr. Science, 8th Gr. Religion)

7B – Mrs. Isabel Guerra ( 5& 6 Grade Math – standard, Spanish )( Mrs. Guerra’s BA degree is in Math)

8 A& B – Mr. Andrew Kozdemba ) 6,7,8 social Studies)

The “special” teachers are the same.

By mid July the summer resource work for Grades 1 through 8 will be posted.   What is on the website right now is last years work.    All work should be saved and handed in the first week of school.   They do receive credit or the work they do.

Please remember that tuition collection begins in July for those families on a monthly payment plan.     Please do not fall behind.    I have to follow Archdiocesan policy which says that if a family in behind in tuition collection the children are to be removed from the classroom until payments are current.   Believe me this is not something I want to do, so I ask you to please plan your financial obligations to include a regular tuition payment.    Thank you.

As the summer progresses I will keep you up to date.    Enjoy the rest of the summer months.


Mrs Durocher