Heartfelt Thanks and Summer Wishes!

Wow! The year went by so fast! I am grateful for having spent it with your children. They have learned so many new things and have grown so much. Remember how worried they were about lockers and locks, busy schedules and many different teachers? Well now they’re “pros” and ready for 6th grade. Kudos to all 5th grade students and parents!
Thank you so much for the very thoughtful and generous gifts! I am truly grateful. Please know that your support this year is greatly appreciated. Also, many thanks to my class parents who worked so hard to make our celebrations “sweet” and our class trip enjoyable and safe.
Enjoy your summer! Hike, bike, swim, read, create… or whatever makes you happy. Get some rest and be prepared to return to school in September refueled and ready to go. Have fun and stay safe!

Ms. Klein