End of the year

What a year it’s been!  You have been challenged in so many different ways, and you rose to the occasion!  If something is difficult, it is worth learning!

Thank you to our class parents: Mrs. Guanci, Mrs. Russo, Mrs. Uykan, and Mrs. Bowling for all you have done for 7A!  You always knew what the students would love for all the class parties this year!  We are truly thankful!

I want to thank 7A and my students for the most generous gifts you have given me!  Thank you also for the opportunity to be your teacher and mentor.

Good luck to two of our 6th graders who will be competing at Texas A&M for the national Mathleague competition this Saturday!

Finally, students and parents: enjoy your summer!  Go hiking, swim (safely) and go boating/canoeing. Try something new. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Look for the beauty of nature & science through everything you see. Find the elegance of math threaded through every game, every activity, and every video game. Look for the artistry in the architecture, comic books, movies, and even advertisements. Get lost in the world of a book and as you return to the real world, bring something from that story back with you.  Never stop learning!