Yoga in Kindergarten! They love it!

here are just some of the benefits…

Kids’ Yoga Grows Confidence
Kids’ Yoga Promotes a Healthy Body
Kids’ Yoga Improves Concentration
Kids’ Yoga Helps Kids Manage Stress Through Breathing
Kids’ Yoga Promotes Inclusivity
Kids’ Yoga Introduces Kids to Mindfulness
Kids’ Yoga Teaches Through Stories and Song
Kids’ Yoga Improves Coordination & Balance




Pope Francis baptized 26 infants in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel on Sunday, in an annual tradition commemorating the baptism of Jesus.
Thirteen girls and thirteen boys were baptized during the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord in the Sistine Chapel, the celebrated chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the Pope’s official residence.
During his brief homily, Francis told those present to encourage their children’s faith.
“Do not forget that the greatest legacy that you can give your children is faith. Cherish it to make sure is not lost, to make it grow and to leave it as a legacy,” he said, according to a statement from the Vatican press office.

This week we will focus on one of the most relevant daily connections young children make with mathematics. The common plea, “Is it time yet?” shows an innate curiosity about time. As children learn to read calendars and clocks, they connect their own routines with the concept of time and the sequencing of events.
At this level, children begin to read time to the hour on both digital and analog clocks, and associate the two formats. They learn the names of the days of the week, the seasons, and the standard names for the divisions of day and night to increase their ability to communicate mathematically.
So it is with great pleasure, that Mrs. Murphy’s cuckoo clock makes a visit to our classroom.

Reading: Little Quack
This week we will read several stories by the same author, Lauren Thompson. They are as follows:
Little Quack (2003) One by one, Little Quack’s brothers and sisters, Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, and Puddle, find the courage to leave the nest. Will Little Quack be just brave enough? A New York Times Bestseller.

Little Quack’s New Friend (2006) Little Ribbet is small, green, can’t quack, and he’s a FROG! But like the ducklings, he loves to play, and that makes him a great friend.


Little Quack’s Bedtime (2005) Unfamiliar sights and sounds keep Little Quack and the other ducklings awake, but Mama’s reassurance sends them happily off to sleep.



Wednesday is HSA Pizza Day.  You must have pre-ordered to participate.  The cafeteria is closed this day, and if you did not pre-order, you must provide a lunch for your child.



Cupcake sale benefits 8th grade on Wednesday!

.50 per item.  2 quarters! 5 dimes! 50 pennies!



School closed Friday~Tricky Tray 6 pm.


What is National Catholic Schools Week?
National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. It starts the last Sunday in January and runs all week, which in 2019 is January 27 – February 2.  Schools typically observe the annual celebration week with Masses, open houses and other activities for students, families, parishioners and community members. Through these events, schools focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation.  I will be sending more info home shortly.