Upcoming fun

FROM:   Carl Tramontozzi, HSA President

RE:          Upcoming Fun

Hello, Fellow Fantastic Families!

So, we all stumble out of bed this morning, stubbing our toe and spilling hot coffee on ourselves, to take our little ones to school, only to find our cars enveloped in a thick impenetrable layer of FROST!!  What happened?!  Is it Global Cooling?  Are we being invaded?  Where did the Fall go?

When of course, it struck me like a brick that the Holidays are upon us.  AAGGHH!! Breathe …

Fortunately, there are some great things to talk about in this regard.

The COUPON BOOKS make an EXCELLENT gift.  All the places that our extended families and friends go, they get substantial discounts.  Plus, the coolest part, they don’t have to carry around the book at all, just open the App, peruse all the coupons, and display it where you go.  Now we can be just like our kids and sit there with our face in our phones!  This is SUCH an easy way to get points, you get one point for every two books sold.  and if you get your orders in by December 10th, it is guaranteed before Christmas.

Important note:  When you return your sample book, PLEASE attach your family name on a sticky note or paper somewhere so we know it’s yours.  We don’t want you charged for an extra book.

Next up … (drum roll please)… SANTA’S VILLAGE!!  Yes, folks, everybody’s favorite Saint is coming back.  And if you think last year’s event was fun, ohhhh, just you WAIT.  It’s bigger…it’s bolder…it’s bodacious …it’s even better than before.  Let’s put it this way, there’s no better was to spend a cozy, relaxing, fun and exciting Christmas-time morning.  And maybe even win some prizes.  You’re not gonna wanna leave.  If you get your tickets in advance, there is a discount!  Just think of how much moolah you’d spend with your family visiting Santa at the mall or other places.  This is all inclusive – and you’ll be hangin’ with your SHS friends and community.  Details and order form will be in this Thursday’s folder.

As always, please don’t hesitate to continue to contact me for any reason. I’m down.


OK I’m going to go stuff all my shorts and t-shirts into a bin and carry it up to the attic now.  And maybe have some Sambuca coffee.  “See ya on the playground!”

Lots of Love,

Carl Tramontozzi